The Open Schooling desk of COL is pursuing the integration of technology in the conventional classroom and has set itself targets to enhance the quality of education over the next three years (2012-2015) by producing at least 20 more multimedia lessons in different countries. The focus of the initiative is across grades and includes subjects such as English and Mathematics. To assist in achieving these goals, COL, worked with 6 Primary schools in the Hardap Region in Namibia and together they organized two capacity building workshops as well as an evaluation workshop covering the following:  “Integrating multimedia in the conventional classroom”

The objectives of the First Workshop were to:

  1. Allow participants an opportunity to gain awareness and better understanding of the value of Multimedia and its role in the conventional classroom.
  2. Introduce participants to the rationale and advantages for multimedia learning content.
  3. Introduce participants to the pedagogical approaches that guide multimedia content development.
  4. Introduce participants to the basics of multimedia learning techniques.
  5. Introduce participants to the translation of educational content into popular format.
  6. Allow participants the opportunity to present their own experiences to inform the discussion and to assist them to identify the parts of the curriculum for which they will develop the multimedia content.

The objectives of the Second Workshop were to:

  1. Consolidate the knowledge and skills learned during the first workshop.
  2. Re-train the participants in areas where they still need training.
  3. Review and finalize the scripts of the lessons drafted by teachers.
  4. Introduce and train participants on recording of audio and video programmes and editing of the same.

The objectives of the Evaluation Workshop were to:

  1. evaluate the 8 video lessons according to its relevance regarding: context; content; culture & gender; technical aspects of sound & pictures; and effectiveness for learning (educational value); and
  2. evaluate the development amongst participants regarding production theory; scriptwriting; sound recording; filming & acting; directing; post production; correction of sound; adding music

The Hardap Educational Multimedia Project (HEMP) video seriesincludes:

English Grade 6

  • Parts of Speech
  • Rules: Arguments, reading with understanding
  • Emotions expressed in Poems
  • Writing complex sentences and essays

Mathematics Grade 6

  • Division and multiplication with large numbers
  • The BODMAS rule of Maths operations
  • Measurement of capacity
  • Measurement of mass

The videos are licensed under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 and were produced in collaboration between the Commonwealth of Learning and the Ministry of Education Namibia. 2013.

We hope that the videos will encourage more integration of Multimedia in the conventional school and that it will contribute to a deeper learning experience.