The Human Employment and Resources Training Trust National Training Agency (HEART Trust/NTA) is a training organisation established in 1982 in Jamaica. It operates a network of 29 TVET institutions offering Level 1 to Level 3 programmes to provide job-ready training for entry level workers. They are trying to expand access through eLearning but are facing challenges in staff capacity building of eLearning. (HEART Trust, 2014, Mead-Richardson, 2014a). Their mission indicates the need to promote for flexible forms of TVET.

The HEART Trust/NTA is committed to the systematic design, development and delivery of an integrated, flexible and responsive Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system enabling a productive workforce for national priorities and global competitiveness.

Heart Trust/NTA Mission Statement


To support HEART in strengthening their flexible approach to skills training COL has provided a range of capacity building inputs including:

  • online materials development for quality improvement
  • course design for flexible learning
  • a consultation process with relevant staff on the implementation of a proposed new model for Quality Assurance in TVET
  • best practice in the introduction of flexible TVET systems
  • support for the development of institutional policy on flexible learning

As a result of the eLearning training, HEART Trust/NTA has achieved their strategic objective of more than 80% of their institutions offering eLearning. They report that 14 different online courses are currently serving over 1000 learners.