Video-based training changed the life of Momotaj Begum, who lives in Alipur village of Shatkhira District, Bangladesh with her husband and two children, one daughter and one son. Her husband Amirul Islam works in a high school as support staff. Their family is not a big family but Amirul’s income was inadequate to support their family including the cost required for their children’s study. Momotaj and her husband were desperately looking for a way to increase their income.

At this time the activities of “Shapla Society” of Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) started in their area. One day Momotaj become a member of that society. She took credit of Taka 7,000.00 from the “Kulia” Branch of the DAM office to start a chicken farm in her home for additional income. She faced a lot of problems in establishing and managing the farm and it was not as profitable as she expected.

She became exited when she learned that DAM was offering a video based training on 5 different trades including Poultry Rearing. She participated in the Poultry Rearing training course with other members of the society. The training was based on materials developed by DAM with support from Commonwealth of Learning (COL).  Momotaj liked the training very much because she had never watched an animation video based training before. During few days of training Momotaj learned how to establish and manage a chicken farm.  She was also provided with a booklet which she found very useful to read all the required information for establishing and managing a poultry business.

Based on the knowledge she acquired during the training she reorganized her chicken farm from a traditional farm to a modern farm. To cope with additional expenditure she took further credit from DAM.  

Momotaj started buying broiler chicks and poultry feed from a nearby hatchery and reared those for 35-40 days in her chicken farm and then sold them afterwards with a good profit margin. Now Momotaj earns 40,000 – 50,000 Taka per chunk depending on market price. As the size of her chicken farm started getting bigger she employed her son Milon in her farm after her son completed his Higher Secondary level education.

With this additional income Momotaj arranged marriage for both her son and daughter. Now, the wife of her son Milon also started working in her chicken farm. Momotaj repaid most of the credit (Tk. 130,000.00) she received from DAM. The success of Momotaj in poultry rearing has now become inspirational for other members of the Shapla society.


Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) has developed 5 skills training courses with COL support in print and video format in Bengali and English. More than 3000 people have learned new skills through these materials and more than 1000 have started income generating activities. The programme is called ‘Let’s Work & Build Our Lives’, and its materials are made freely available as open education resource and are available in Bengali (DAM website) and English (COL website).