The Chair welcomed members, advisors, COL staff and the observer to The Bahamas and extended a warm greeting to the newest member representing the Caribbean region who was attending his first face-to-face meeting of the board. She remarked on what a momentous year it had been for COL which had had its challenges but that these had been overcome. The organisation and board had shown commitment and energy to COL’s work; the three-year plan cycle was completed; a new six-year plan had been developed; and the COL MOU had been amended to enable up to nine major donors which would prove useful for COL in its future funding. The Chair also acknowledged the support of the Board and colleagues who had come together to activate their networks and draw on their friendships during difficult funding times to ensure COL would continue to survive and thrive. She added a special thanks to the President and her team for their role as well as for their tireless work which resulted in a very successful year. This meeting taking place before the 19th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers (CCEM) provided another opportunity for the board to present COL’s work to a wider constituency.

Author(s): Commonwealth of Learning
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